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Thursday, March 31, 2011

RING No. 90

I am sitting here with my friend Alli having a burrito from Taco Tantos (which was made by Dave Scharlotte who is the best burrito maker ever!) It was amazing! Alli begged to differ because the jalepenos were too hot, but I loved them. Eating jalepenos is like creating a sauna in your mouth!

Anyways...tonight's ring is made from a part of a bluetooth headpiece (for a cell phone) which came from my step-dad, Sid. Thanks Sid! and two pieces of brass. One of which came from Steve Piontkowski. Thanks Steve!

Materials: Brass, and found rubber/plastic form
Dimensions: 2 x 1.25 x 1 inches

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

RING No. 89

Wow! What a long day. I had an exam and a presentation today and they took alot out of me.

When I visited Janice Mueller over the break, she gave me a box containing hundreds, possibly thousands of tiny brass safety pins. Tonight's ring is a simple chain ring made of some pins from the box. Thanks Janice!

Materials: brass safety pins
Dimensions: .75 x .75 x .125 inch

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

RING No. 88

I call today's ring the "tilted scope". Because it reminds me of a scope, but the axis is tilted slightly from the orientation of it's upright presentation on the finger. Thank you to Angie Rogers for giving me this plastic. It used to be a "water tube" for flowers. Water tubes are for when you need to transport a bouquet of flowers or a single stem, perhaps a rose. The tube allows water to be stored in it for the bloom to drink by way of its stem.

Thanks for reading! I have to go study for an exam and finish a presentation. Both are happening tomorrow! Wish me luck!
Good night!

Materials: Plastic and thread
Dimensions: 2.75 x 1.5 x .75 inches

Monday, March 28, 2011

RING No. 87

I think I am still in recovery from the long drive up here yesterday. I have been super sleepy all day. Hopefully tomorrow will be full of energy and sunshine!

Tonight's ring is made of a found paper clip and repurposed tissue paper that I got when I ordered something from Art in The Age. See their website at the following link: Art In The Age [Their T-shirts are awesome!]

You may recall that I made a ring from a label from the same package earlier in this series. Ring No. 34 to be exact. You can see it by clicking the following link: Ring No. 34

While on spring break, I visited Felicia van Bork at the McColl Center, where she was installing work in her studio, which she will be in for 11 months. I helped her make some paper flowers that will be displayed in her space for the Neiman Marcus Spring Fling that is right around the corner. See this link for more details: Spring Fling  This ring is dedicated to Felicia!

I made this ring using similar materials, and the same basic process. The band is a blue paper clip that I found and bent to resemble a mini paper clip and a circular band. The paper is folded and then fluffed to resemble petals.

Thanks for reading! Good night!

Materials: paper clip, tissue paper
Dimensions: 3.5 x 1.5 x 2.5 inches

Sunday, March 27, 2011

RING No. 86

Last night I dreamt about a ring. All I remember was that it was made of a paper bag (recycled and brown in color, like a grocery bag) and it had a mint green heart on it.

During spring break, I got to see over 20 different friends and family members. In several of the conversations, the concept of "love" was brought up. So most of the drive home, I spent contemplating "love" and the who, what, when, where, why, and how concerning it. I thought about it abstractly as well as personally. 

I used a paper bag that was given to me at a gas station during my journey home. The thread was given to me by my grandmother and once belonged to my great-great-grandmother. 

Ring reads : "i love....."

Materials: paper, thread, rubber cement, and paint
Dimensions: .75 x .75 x .75 inch

Saturday, March 26, 2011

RING No. 85

I started today by bidding farewell to Janice and Werner Mueller and Janice's sister Lin, who was visiting from Dallas, TX. I had a quick breakfast and chat with the ladies and I was off!

I rode the LYNX blue line into Uptown Charlotte to go meet Felicia van Bork at the McColl Center. I was a bit early, so I walked around Tryon Street and got to see the new Mint Museum and the new Bechtler Museum of Art. I did not have much time, or else I would have gone in and visited each. This summer I hope to come spend the day at the two new art establishments. While on that side of Tryon, I got the chance to see Niki de Saint Phalle's work, which was on the Green across from the Bechtler. I took photos of the outside and inside of one particular piece, a giant skull. It was stunning!

I was hopeful to find some interesting objects on the streets of Charlotte, but they were so clean that I found absolutely nothing! I suppose that can be considered a good thing! I soon discovered that there is an Amelie's in Uptown! I was super excited and stopped in to get some goodies. There are beautiful red tulips along Tryon street! They made me think of Felicia, because of their delicate beauty and also because she has tulips in her yard in Davidson!

I met up with her and helped her create some huge paper flowers that will be used to decorate her studio for the Neiman Marcus Sponsored Spring Fling that is coming up in April. It was super fun! We got to catch up and talk about what is happening in our lives. Felicia's work can be seen at the following address:

On the way out, we ran into Nick Bloomberg, who was bringing work by to install for the event as well. His work was sweet! I hadn't seen him in quite a while, over a year for sure. His work can be seen at this  address:

I then took the blue line back to South End and went to meet Angie Rogers, her mother, and grandmother. Angie and I roomed together during undergrad and we have remained good friends since! I am actually going to be in her wedding in May! We had some good laughs as always and then parted ways so that Angie, Brett(her fiance) and I could go to church. Forest Hill is where we went. Boy do I miss that church! I have found one in Ohio, but it doesn't compare to this one.

After church we went and picked up Angie's neighbor, Paul. We all went to an awesome Asian Fusion restaurant and I had some sweet sushi! The Green Lady (had asparagus/avocado/mint amongst other things) and the Spider Roll. It really hit the spot! Then we had an amazing dessert! Fried Banana with green tea ice cream and also some Red Bean ice cream, which is one of my fave desserts!

Tonight, Angie gave me some really awesome stuff! There was so much to choose from! I picked out a stone/mineral from her collection. One that reminded me of her. The metal setting is bent out of a bookmark my mom gave me the other day. This ring is dedicated to Angie Rogers! (soon to be Angie Beard!

Materials: metal bookmark, stone
Dimensions: 2 x 1.75 x .75 inches

Friday, March 25, 2011

RING No. 84

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting up with the Fabulous Sharon Dowell. I got a chance to visit her at her studio. Her work can be seen at this site: 

Before she arrived, I was scavenging for objects to save for future rings, when Paul Sires drove up. I had not seen him in a very long time! I was once employed by him and his wife, Ruth Lyons (http://www.ruthavalyons.comat Center of the Earth Gallery back in 2008/2009. He is an amazing artist and his work can be seen at this site:

Sharon is doing quite well and will be starting a residency at the McColl center soon! It was nice to know that she is keeping busy by working in the studio, traveling, participating in residencies, and selling her work through galleries. We went to Amelie's French bakery (my Fave place in CLT for sugary goodness!) for a quick bite and it was wonderful! They have a case full of fresh baked sweets and I want them all every time I go! I got the Brie & Chambord Apricot Tartine as well as a mini coconut mousse cup and a passion fruit mousse cup.....And then Macaroons of all colors To Go!

During our conversation, she mentioned a place called Book Buyers in the Plaza/Midwood area. I went and found some sweet books, as well as some sweet treats! If you like used books that are smartly priced, you must visit this store!

After that, I went on to Rock Hill and stopped by Gallery up and then to studio 157 ( to see Michael Gentry and pick up some of his collages that I had forgotten yesterday. The past two times I have stopped by, only Mike was there, but this time I got the chance to chat with Nicki Verechia and Seth Rouser! Nicki has a blog that can be seen at the following address:  
(I was unable to link to Seth's website) but for future reference, it is

Lastly, I attended the reception for the Intercollegiate Undergraduate Juried Exhibition that Courtney Starrett's students organized. It was really something! They presented awards and Bob Ebendorf explained why each one was chose. I got to see some Winthrop students I hadn't seen in quite a while, specifically Sandy Singletary and Dustin Shores. I cannot wait to see Sandy's MFA thesis work!

A few days ago, I picked up a flyer for TEMPLE OF BOOM. I really wanted to go, but alas, it is taking place while I am in Ohio. I believe it is one of the events Cody Hare is associated with. These events are always super cool and I always wish I could go, but in the past two years I just see the advertisements on Facebook and frown because I cannot go. Today's ring is created out of the card for the TEMPLE OF BOOM show. Hey! Everyone in the Rock Hill/Charlotte area should go to this! Here is a link to the FB page:

The key ring came from Janice Mueller. Thanks Janice!

Materials: paper, key ring
Dimensions: 2.25 x 2.75 x .125 inches

Thursday, March 24, 2011

RING No. 83

Courtney Starrett asked me to give a little talk this morning at Winthrop. It was good experience to talk about my graduate work and what I have learned since Undergrad and what is different about Grad school as compared to undergrad. After the talk Courtney showed me the Intercollegiate exhibition that the current Jewelry/Metals students organized as well as her solo exhibition, "RubberMade" (see this link: in the Patrick Gallery and the Undergraduate Juried Exhibition. I got the chance to see the Metals studio, which looks great! I then went to lunch with the Awesome Michael Gentry. He is a major leader in the DIY music scene in Rock Hill (and surrounding areas). He also makes super sweet work, which can be seen at this address:

We went to Lell's cafe and I had the Tastes like Summer sandwich. DELICIOUS! After that, I got to visit Mike's studio and see what he is up to. I saw some works that I just had to have. We then proceeded to the Arts Council for the quilt show and to Gallery Up where I saw the ARPA RAW show. I loved the work! Especially the work of Laura Alma McCarthy, Felicia van Bork, and Linda Luise Brown. Next we went to PW's for ice cream! I got my favorite, Heath Bar/Coffee/Cheesecake concrete (which is ice cream with mix ins so thick, its like "concrete") Mike and I then stopped by Schoolhouse Exchange (which is under new ownership). The selection has dwindled and was super picked over, but I found a super sweet wooden brooch! I am now sitting at Mike's. He is playing all kind of music for me to hear.

He found me a vertebrae to make a ring out of. I then found a car charger part from my car and cut it to attach the bone. It rolls as you slide it on your finger. It spins when it is not on your finger. This ring is dedicated to Mike Gentry! Thanks Mike!

Tonight is gonna be sweet! I am going to hear Bob Ebendorf speak at Winthrop. What a great day in Rock Hill! I think I may go salsa dancing too!

Materials: plastic, animal vertebrae
Dimensions: .75 x .75 x 1.375 inches

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RING No. 82

Today, after having a delightful coffee and chat with my friend Guillermo, I went to see Janice Mueller, a former teacher and current mentor of mine. We had some great conversation and outstanding food. Delicious tomato soup and homemade bread for lunch.....Salmon with rice, wine, and a salad for dinner. We chatted about grad school, her work, my work, whats new in our lives, and many other things. I have been brainstorming for my Thesis topic and supporting sentences (which is due at the beginning of next fall) and her comments and suggestions were Extremely helpful. I took so many notes! She introduced me to an amazing artist named Rebecca Horn. Her work is amazing! She has a huge book of her work and I intend to take a thorough gander at it before I leave town. Janice gave me some beautiful Japanese silk screen paper she got at Miki's in Berkley, California. It is silver and red and is composed of a grid pattern. From this paper, I created an origami form modeled after the fortune tellers that my friends and I once made in grade school. The band is brass and was the inside casing for a cell phone car charger. I cut it in half, filed, sanded, and drew a grid on it. I used the brass because it reminded me of the beautiful gold that Janice uses in her work. See her work on her website at this link:

This ring is dedicated to Janice Mueller! Thank you Janice for all you have done for me and for all of your helpful input!

Materials: Japanese silk screened paper and brass
Dimensions: 2.75 1.25 x 1.25 inches

RING No. 81

This morning I got the chance to hang with my grandparents one last time before I departed for the upper part of the state. It was very pleasant. Braelynn and I ate breakfast with Nanu and then I got the chance to show them photos of my Rings as well as my MFA candidacy work. Before we left, Grandy gave me the largest sweet potatoes ever! I cannot wait to cook them! While we were out in the field (they live on a farm) I found a 20 dollar bill in the grass. I gave it to my grandfather because I figured it had fallen out of his pocket days ago.

Later, Braelynn and I painted a toy tea set (that you bake in the oven and the design becomes set). We put all kinds of animals on the teapot, cups, and saucers. I cannot wait to see how it turns out!

So today was the last day with little Braelynn. Wow! is it hard to take care of a 4 yr. old for almost 4 days! I am super tired....But it was worth it! I really don't know how my sister juggles school, work, and a family. After I dropped her off at her grandmothers, I went to my BFF's house. Her name is Brittney Baer (formerly Ulmer). I was so excited to see her! She has a super cool husband named Clark. Clarksy! hahaha

I attempted to do yoga with them, but since my back is still injured from roller skating, I ended up sleeping on the couch while they worked up a sweat. The dinner they made for me was A-Mazing! Pork roast, pasta salad, and green beans and Chocolate pudding for dessert!..with bits of dark choco too! I felt kinda guilty after that big meal and no work out.

So......tonight's ring symbolizes Britt and I.... She gave me two little aluminum pieces that came in the collars of an Express shirt. They read: "There's no wrong way to wear it". This is perfect because We are both into fashion and I am constantly saying this phrase in my head! I am super excited! We designed this simple construction ring together. I have been waiting to make a ring with Brittney for a while now, and I am so glad it finally happened. The two interconnected pieces represent us as friends! Even though each piece is the same, they are bent uniquely, which reflects our personalities perfectly. Brittney and I have been friends for 13 years! And we will continue to be BFFs forever! No matter how far apart we are. As I am typing, we are laughing constantly.

Thanks for reading my super-long post! Good night!

Materials: Aluminum
Dimensions: 1.5 x 1 x .3125 inches

Thanks to Brittney for being my ring model!

Monday, March 21, 2011

RING No. 80

Today was a long but enjoyable day. Braelynn and I went to see my Grandparents this morning for breakfast. After that, we met up with my cousin, John at House of Pizza. It was the first time ever meeting him! We had a superb lunch and conversation. Next up we visited Brenda Harley at Devin's (where I used to work). Devin and Rachel were there along with there son Aidan Preston. After that, we went out to Sarah Beth and Chris' house in Norway. (my sister and her husband). I got the chance to hang out for a while there. We explored the neighborhood a bit and got to see their new parrot, Alex. I have never held a parrot before. He sat on my arm and was so sweet! He would laugh when we all laughed! It was so funny...I was so tired when we got home. I took two naps (broken up because of Braelynn interuptions :)). As I am typing now, Braelynn is saying "Can we please please go to bed, I am really sleepy" Hahaha.... Almost done!

Tonight's ring is made from parts that my step dad, Sid gave me. I think they came from an electric razor. The bottom (band) is a large metal staple. The ring is made of 5 separate parts including the staple. Some parts have pieces that move.

Materials: Found objects (plastic and metal)
Dimensions: 1.375 x 1.625 x 1.75 inches

Sunday, March 20, 2011

RING No. 79

Today after church, Braelynn and I went by Piggly Wiggly (boy do I miss that store!, it doesn't exist up north!) to get a rotisserie chicken to take to my grandmothers. We ate with my grandparents and towards the end of our meal, I noticed the wishbone at the end of the bird! I knew I had to have it. I have never owned a wishbone. My grandfather called it a "pull bone"....He said we should pull it and make a wish....I said Ha! No way! :)... I'm making a ring out of this tonight!

Well the second I said that, Braelynn wanted the bone for herself. It was a battle to keep it in tact and out of reach of her little hands today. We have promised to get her one when the next rotisserie chicken is eaten.

I took Braelynn roller skating today. It was her first time ever skating! We went to Jammers, which used to be called Lakeview Skating Rink. I grew up going to that place... My parents and grandparents went there as well! It was awesome!

I decided to make a wishbone slingshot ring because the shape reminded me of an actual slingshot. I have always wanted a mini slingshot! I used a black rubber band, a piece of some old denim jeans that my stepdad, Sid gave me, and black thread.

It actually works! See the video below!
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

RING No. 78

What a day!.... a wonderful day that is! I just arrived in St. Matthews at my moms house. All day driving from Ohio has made me super tired. The weather was perfect until I got into South Carolina, and then the lightning started and later pouring rain.

I made tonight's ring out of an orange "Koozie" that Villiamo gave me. Thanks Willy! I cut and glued the strip of koozie together. Now it is time for a shower and bed time. Good night!

Random funny tidbit: I picked up my niece, Braelynn from my sisters on the way to my moms. We had an interesting conversation in the car, much of which was discussing wubzy and Smurfs, but here is a comedic snippet...

Tab: "Are you excited that Ginger (my cousin) is having a baby? It's going to be a boy"
Braelynn: "Hmmm,. I don't know about babies".
Tab: "Why?"..."I bet Ginger would let you hold it, it would be so sweet!"
Braelynn: "Well, when I hold him, he might throw up on my shirt..."
Tab: "Oh ok, that is understandable....Hahahahahaha"

Materials: Koozie, hot glue
Dimensions: 1 x 1.5 x 2 inches

Friday, March 18, 2011

RING No. 77

Yesterday, I met with Terra and Keith in Coventry for a day of fun! We went to Phoenix coffee shop and I had the most delicious iced coconut coffee! It came in the most awesome cup! I knew it was going to be today's ring! The cup had characters all around it, and I chose to use the Pirate. He was my favorite! Along the bottom of the cup, it reads: "Warning: You may encounter unadulterated strong coffee, spontaneous enlightenment and/or unfettered optimism while drinking this beverage." I realized that "unfettered optimism" describes my personality (90% of the time) to a tee! I knew that had to be the band.

I am leaving for South Carolina tomorrow early in the morning. This will be the week that will test my skills! I will not have my precious studio at my fingertips for 9 days! It will be hard at times, but I am determined to fulfill my promise to myself! This week will be interesting! I am only bringing tools with me, Therefore, all materials are going to be from the south. I am hoping that my friends and family can contribute objects to make rings out of. I will also be scavenging around to find discarded objects. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!

Materials: Phoenix Coffee cup, adhesive
Dimensions: 3.5 x 1 x .625 inches

Thursday, March 17, 2011

RING No. 76

So, the second time I came to Kent was to look for an apartment in the summer of 2009. While here, I went to a garden owned by Fary Anderson on Wilson Street. When we were about to leave, I saw a patch of clover and decided to look for four leaf clovers. I had never found one before. Lo and behold, I actually found two that day! Since then, one has been lost, but the other remained inside a sketchbook. Today was his day to shine! I cast "him" inside some plastic to be immortalized forever! I had never cast anything organic inside plastic. This was a learning experience for me. Thanks for reading and Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

Materials: four leaf clover (shamrock), hand poured plastic
Dimensions: 2.375 x 1 x .375 inches