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Thursday, March 24, 2011

RING No. 83

Courtney Starrett asked me to give a little talk this morning at Winthrop. It was good experience to talk about my graduate work and what I have learned since Undergrad and what is different about Grad school as compared to undergrad. After the talk Courtney showed me the Intercollegiate exhibition that the current Jewelry/Metals students organized as well as her solo exhibition, "RubberMade" (see this link: in the Patrick Gallery and the Undergraduate Juried Exhibition. I got the chance to see the Metals studio, which looks great! I then went to lunch with the Awesome Michael Gentry. He is a major leader in the DIY music scene in Rock Hill (and surrounding areas). He also makes super sweet work, which can be seen at this address:

We went to Lell's cafe and I had the Tastes like Summer sandwich. DELICIOUS! After that, I got to visit Mike's studio and see what he is up to. I saw some works that I just had to have. We then proceeded to the Arts Council for the quilt show and to Gallery Up where I saw the ARPA RAW show. I loved the work! Especially the work of Laura Alma McCarthy, Felicia van Bork, and Linda Luise Brown. Next we went to PW's for ice cream! I got my favorite, Heath Bar/Coffee/Cheesecake concrete (which is ice cream with mix ins so thick, its like "concrete") Mike and I then stopped by Schoolhouse Exchange (which is under new ownership). The selection has dwindled and was super picked over, but I found a super sweet wooden brooch! I am now sitting at Mike's. He is playing all kind of music for me to hear.

He found me a vertebrae to make a ring out of. I then found a car charger part from my car and cut it to attach the bone. It rolls as you slide it on your finger. It spins when it is not on your finger. This ring is dedicated to Mike Gentry! Thanks Mike!

Tonight is gonna be sweet! I am going to hear Bob Ebendorf speak at Winthrop. What a great day in Rock Hill! I think I may go salsa dancing too!

Materials: plastic, animal vertebrae
Dimensions: .75 x .75 x 1.375 inches

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