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Monday, March 21, 2011

RING No. 80

Today was a long but enjoyable day. Braelynn and I went to see my Grandparents this morning for breakfast. After that, we met up with my cousin, John at House of Pizza. It was the first time ever meeting him! We had a superb lunch and conversation. Next up we visited Brenda Harley at Devin's (where I used to work). Devin and Rachel were there along with there son Aidan Preston. After that, we went out to Sarah Beth and Chris' house in Norway. (my sister and her husband). I got the chance to hang out for a while there. We explored the neighborhood a bit and got to see their new parrot, Alex. I have never held a parrot before. He sat on my arm and was so sweet! He would laugh when we all laughed! It was so funny...I was so tired when we got home. I took two naps (broken up because of Braelynn interuptions :)). As I am typing now, Braelynn is saying "Can we please please go to bed, I am really sleepy" Hahaha.... Almost done!

Tonight's ring is made from parts that my step dad, Sid gave me. I think they came from an electric razor. The bottom (band) is a large metal staple. The ring is made of 5 separate parts including the staple. Some parts have pieces that move.

Materials: Found objects (plastic and metal)
Dimensions: 1.375 x 1.625 x 1.75 inches

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