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Saturday, December 31, 2011

RING No. 365

Well Folks, its finally here, the LAST RING!.....I want to thank all the people who gave me interesting objects, the people who encouraged me along the way, and all of the "readers", and "viewers"!

I stayed in the studio all day working on this baby. While here, I activated my iPhone!!! I have waited years to get one and now I finally have it! Hooray!

Many people have expressed an interest in purchasing a ring or rings for their collection. Upon much contemplation, I have decided to sell them! At first I wanted to keep them all together and perhaps sell them as one collection, or not at all, but I think that it will be much better if many people can have a piece of this achievement. I plan to make a book in the near future that has an image of each ring.

The rings will be part of my thesis and can be viewed by the public in April at my exhibition reception. They are for sale now, but will not be available for pick up until after the show. If you have an interest in a particular ring, please email me.

As far as price goes, they all vary....for instance, there is a ring that is Free, one that is $10, a few in the hundreds, and everything in between! It all depends on the time invested and value of the materials. I am planning to keep a few for my personal collection, but all the rest are up for grabs. Each ring will come with a hand numbered and signed certificate of authenticity and a special box.

Now, I plan to catch up on the rest of my thesis work, and start writing! I have learned so much from this challenge and I will miss it, but it will be nice to concentrate on the other things I need to accomplish before I graduate.

I will update my blog from time to time with images and info on the progress of my thesis work. "Follow" the blog to get detailed information on when my show will be and the other events I will be hosting in conjunction.....

Also, stay tuned for a highly likely RING A DAY 2.0....after I graduate, I hope to continue this fun and interesting challenge!!!!!

Materials: Sterling Silver, Sapphires, and Blue Topaz
Dimensions: 1.25 x .75 x .625 inches

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  1. Aunt Tabitha, I think your ring is real pretty. I love you! Love, Braelynn
    P.S. Mema helped me a little.