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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

RING No. 353

The only thing about flying home for the holidays that can be frustrating is not having my car. I was dropped off at my moms by Sarah Beth and Chris last night and soon found that the wifi (verizon MiFi) was actually at Grandy's with my mom and Sid......It was almost midnight and everyone was going to bed. I had no car to get back there so I had to wait until mom brought it over just now to post.

Yesterday I woke up (against my will) to Braelynn(my niece) wanting to go play. I could have used a few more hours of sleep!!! Sid cooked breakfast for Mom, Braelynn, and I. It was delicious! Thanks Sid!

They soon departed for Charleston (to celebrate their anniversary) and Braelynn and I hung out at the house until Grandy came and got us. We went to his church with him to see a steeple be put on the roof of the church (the people of the church raised almost $3,000 in memory of my Nanu that went towards purchasing it) After we watched that process, my sister Sarah Beth and her husband Chris came to pick Brae and I up. We went out to their house in Norway and spent time with them. It was super fun. I actually got a nap in as well :).....Chris cooked dinner and it was super yummy! I had Pink Chicken for the first time! I got to see all their peacocks (male and female) and their wonderful dogs (Fiona, Penny, Socks, and Tater!) while I was there. Tater is a chinese hairless! Fiona and Penny are great pyranese, and Socks (my fave) is a mix between Great P. and bird dog.....I also got to play a bit of xbox and make a ring out of some items Chris and Sarah gave me.

Thanks guys!

The ring is made of a painted steel chain, some of SB's old body jewelry, and some rubber attachements. I think it looks like little medieval weapons! hahaha

Thanks for reading, I'm going back to bed before Brae wakes up and wants to play!

Materials: painted steel chain, body jewelry(plastic/surgical steel), and rubber
Dimensions: 2.75 x 1.25 x .375 inches

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