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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Wheels Are Turning......

Greetings Everyone! 

I have not blogged since I finished my thesis work and graduated! I figured it was time to post an update! Below are some images of what I have been doing over the past year. Enjoy!

Mourning Necklace
(Special Commission/Trade)
Sterling Silver, Etched Brass, Found beads, wood, and Paint

"Darrow" Charms
(Special Commission)
Handcut Sterling Silver

Floral Bracelet
Sterling Silver 

Repurposed Plastic Lenses, Found Chain

Key Bracelet
Repurposed Vintage Keys, Repurposed Chain

I found 4 identical pieces of brass in the scrap bin. (one of which is pictured above) I found them to be very interesting and beautiful. They had previously belonged to Cameron Lyden while he was here for a BFA in Jewelry/Metals. I rescued the pieces and turn them into "friendship cuffs"! See image below!
(I later gave one to Cameron and kept one for myself!)

Friendship Cuffs

Futuristic Sweater Brooch
Sterling Silver, Plastic, and Repurposed Aluminum

Reversible Hand-Beaded Collar
(Front and Back)
Felt, Assorted found beads, Thread

Special Commission
Sterling Silver and found objects

Double Brooch
Sterling Silver, Plastic, and Aluminum

The above image is a rendering I did for a commissioned sweater brooch.
The image below is the completed brooch (sans polishing).

Sweater Brooch
Sterling Silver, Black Onyx

Since graduation (in August 2012) I have been teaching classes at KSU in the Jewelry/Metals department of the School of Art. In the Fall I taught Intro to Jewelry/Metals and Advanced Studio. This semester (Spring) I am currently teaching Intro to Jewelry/Metals and Design & Production.

So what does the future hold? I am currently applying for artist residencies in various places along with looking for jobs. I am excited to start a new chapter in my life!