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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

RING No. 298

I taught class and worked in the studio for the first part of the day. Then Dave and I went to pick out pumpkins at a nearby farm. We carved them and it was super fun! We put candles inside and took photos of them in the dark! I will post some photos tomorrow hopefully. After that we started putting together a Peanuts puzzle with Linus, Sally, and tons of pumpkins on it (along with Snoopy's shadow) I can't wait to finish it! We got a little more than half way. I went to work in the studio for a while after that. I am pretty tired, but I still have some reading to do for tomorrow morning's seminar meeting.

Tonight's ring is simple but special to me. Noreen Miller gave me a few bags of goodies a few weeks ago. In one of the bags was this blue rubber stegosaurus. I was super excited when I got it, because I wanted to make a ring out of it. Also, because Dave loves Dinosaurs! :).....So I found a simple way to make it into a ring (with monofilament and crimp beads) so that it looks like the Dino just stopped to rest on your fingers! Hehehe....Old Steggy.  It makes me think of this necklace I made for Dave, it has a tiny steg hanging from a ball chain.

Thanks for reading! Goodnight!

Materials: Rubber Stegosaurus, Monofilament, Silver Crimp Beads
Dimensions: 2.5 x 2 x .5 inches

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