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Friday, October 7, 2011

RING No. 280

Today I went to Cleveland with Kathleen, Lori, and Jess. We had a great time. First on our field trip was the camera store. I ended up getting a new camera (used but way better than my current one) for the purposes of shooting my work. I got an amazing deal! We then went to House of Plastics!......I was intending to order some vitrines to cover my work at my next show, but they were extremely expensive and I think I have decided not to do it. But I did see some awesome plastic findings and I bought about $5 worth! Tonight's ring is made of one of the little plastic goodies I bought! There were these little discs that Jess pointed out to me. Thanks Jess!.....We then went to Gallucci's for lunch and shopping. Gallucci's is an Italian market in Cleveland. Then we came back and I went straight to the studio.

Tonight's ring is made of sterling silver, copper, a plastic disc, and some paper that I accidentally spilled water on a while back. I had written some things down on graph paper with my favorite pen (fountain pen) and my favorite blue....(Midway Blue).....and then spilled water on it. I thought the pattern made by the spill was kind of cool, so I kept it.

I am getting better and better at see, I was quite terrible at first, and I still only know 1 and a half tricks.......but when I walk to and from school I use that time to practice. I am understanding the technique more and more. Some one asked me the other day if I was the Yo Yo Queen...I replied, "Ha, No!....but I will be!" hahaha :)

Anywho, Thanks for reading!

Materials: Sterling Silver, Copper, Paper, and Plastic
Dimensions:1.25 x 1.25 x .875 inch

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