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Friday, January 14, 2011

RING No. 13

Lately, I have had gold on my mind....the image of the Beautiful Greek gold from Kathleen's lecture on Monday is still in my head. Also, I recently bought some gorgeous gold paint (that was recommended by Katie Fisher) and I have been itching to use it. I think about gold often anyways because it is so amazingly breathtaking and I wish I had more of it, not only to wear, but to experiment and work with. Maybe one day!...Tonight's ring is composed of silky gold cotton thread braided into a cord as well as assembled into two tassels.

I remember teaching myself a rough technique of tassel making once when I was much younger after a bookmark of mine came apart. (It had a silk tassel at the end) I studied it and figured out how to replicate it. I have created a few tassels over the years, but not in a very long while. After braiding and making the tassels for the ends, I thought the ring still needed something, so I took some cream colored trace paper and created these petals (coated in a light gold paint/satin varnish mixture). I sewed them onto the braid and then capped it with a fringed piece of the same gold coated paper.

Materials: Cotton thread, trace paper, gold acrylic paint, satin acrylic varnish, and rubber cement.
Dimensions: 12 inches (Length of cord), 1.5 x 1 inch (flower)

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