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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

RING No. 33

School was cancelled today yet again. I was rejoicing in a way because it meant that I could work a full day in the studio! I went in at about 9:30 and stayed till about 8:30. It was an awesome and productive day.

Recently, FUSION magazine put out an issue with a 3D section. I picked up a copy last week and had the 3D glasses sitting on my desk. That is where the idea for tonight's ring came from. On the other end of the perforated card stock that the glasses came out of was a to-scale diagram showing how to put the glasses together. I thought it was the perfect size for a ring! I had seen 2 pair of the 3D glasses in the main studio, so I went and got one, knowing that I would have to put the red and blue film inside each eye of the glasses.

I cut out the 3 pieces and then cut the eye holes out. I assembled the pair of mini 3D glasses and I then attached the red and blue plastic to their proper places.

Materials: Paper, transparent film, rubber cement
Dimensions: 1.5625 x .6875 x 1.125 (when opened)

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