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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

RING No. 32

Today, classes were cancelled, and the school was technically closed, but I went in at 9:30am and worked until about 10pm... What a productive day! I have been working on pieces for my upcoming MFA candidacy review and show that will be in March. The rings over the next few weeks may be simple and quick, but it is only because I must focus fully on my show. I may actually make some rings that incorporate techniques and parts that are similar to what is going to be in my show. Reason being, because they can function as samples and testers for the major pieces that I will be completing over the next 3 weeks. Since yesterday, tension setting has still been on my mind. Tonight's ring is a tension set Cubic Zirconia in sterling silver. I textured the sides of the band and left the outside shiny for some added contrast.

Materials: sterling silver, cubic zirconia
Dimensions: .75 x .75 x .0625

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