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Friday, April 1, 2011

RING No. 91

I woke up early and went to school to meet with Kathleen, Lori, and Danielle to organize the cleaning of large scale enameling. It was grimy job but someone has to do it, and that someone is the trusty GTA! We worked hard and it looks great down there! After that I worked a bit on my ring for today. Next I met Don King and two others to watch video entries for a film festival Don King is putting together. I am serving as a jury member that will help decide which ones get in and which ones don't along with deciding award winners. There were some really cool videos! I cannot wait to see the rest (I had to leave early). Next I met with Michael Loderstedt and the grads for seminar critique. I actually thought I was on time to the critique, but alas I was an hour late. It was really great to see everyones work. After the meeting, I went and finished the ring for today. Nikki Couppee's MFA Thesis Show was tonight! It was amazing! The display, lighting, and work itself was top notch! Her website is coming soon at:

Today's ring is made out of a zinc plate used for intaglio printmaking. Michael Loderstedt gave me a small scrap of this metal and I simply drew a ring on it and cut it out with my Jeweler's saw! One side is Blue and one side is Orange. The blue side is the one you scratch a design into. Thanks Michael for the zinc!

Materials: Zinc
Dimensions:  2.75 x 2.625 x .0625 inches

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