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Monday, April 4, 2011

RING No. 94

Today was not the best day. Started out with not feeling well this morning and then when I went to school, It was raining so hard that is soaked my backpack, even though I had an umbrella, and subsequently soaked my ipod touch that was in my pack. When I got to the studio I realized what happened and tried to turn it off. It was a cloudy screen that would not recognize my touch! :( I was devastated....I put it in my desk drawer and plan to check on it tomorrow to see if it dries out. So later on I taught class and afterwards walked home to get my car. It was still pouring rain, but this time tons of lightning and thunder. I got scared and was so sure that I would get struck by lighting. (recalling the story my Grandma used to tell me about her cousin getting struck and dying while walking her child to school). I ran half of the way back to my house because of my silly fear. Well when I got to my house I tried to find my phone to check the time (I know, I should be wearing a watch!) and it wasn't there! I knew then that it probably came out of my pocket while I was running. I was getting my car to go pick up Danielle at the studio so that we could go get some supplies for the studio, so I went to get her and then on our way back we retraced my steps (in the car). Lo and behold I saw it on the street corner a block from my house! I was relieved. It was lying facedown and was soaked. We will see if it dries out in the next few days. I cannot afford a new phone!

Tonight's ring I call "Seated Figure" or "Reclining Figure" because it can be configured two ways. The metal part that serves as the legs was a metal hair barrette that Angie Rogers gave me. Thanks Angie! The Rubber piece that holds it all together and the top metal piece were parts to a pen that I found in my car. The black bulbous plastic form was given to me by my step-dad, Sid. Thanks Sid!

Materials: metal, rubber, plastic
Dimensions: 3.25 x 1.25 x 1 inches

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