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Monday, May 9, 2011

RING No. 129

Today was the first day of Blossom Arts, a two week summer course that counts for 3 credit hours. We work 9:30am-5:00pm everyday plus outside of class work hours at night. It is intense! There is a guest artist each week. This week was Linda Threadgill. She taught us about tessellations and pattern making. It was super interesting. I cannot wait to go back tomorrow!

Tonight's ring is for my niece Braelynn. It is a daschund tessellation. She has a daschund puppy named Wubbzy. (named after the cartoon character) The ring represents him running. His ears usually flap all over, so I tried to illustrate that. (as he always is) I hope you love it Braelynn!

I drew the pattern, cut it out, traced my lines in micron, and colored them all in.

Materials: paper, micron pen, prismacolor pencil
Dimensions: 2.5 x .75 x .5 inches

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