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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RING No. 207

Today, Susanna and I went on a field trip with my niece Braelynn (Susanna's daughter). It was a trip to the South Carolina Rail road Museum. We got to ride a train (5 miles). It was the First time I had ever been on a train! Today was Braelynn's birthday! Susanna and I stayed up the night before getting all the little surprises ready for when Brae woke up this morning. She was thrilled at all the stuff we put together....pipe cleaner animal rings....balloon dog and octopus.....and much more. After the train ride i came back to Susanna's and watched TV all day while her and Robert were at work and Brae was at school. It has been many years since I have just sat and watched TV. hahaha! It was awesome!....but I don't think I could do that often. I feel guilty because I am not accomplishing anything. However, I am on vacation, finally, so I am gonna live it up! :)

When Susanna got home, we (brae, me, sus) watched old home videos from when Brae was first born. 5 years ago! it was awesome! We saw Nanu (my grandma that just recently passed) as well as my great uncle Lloyd (who passed away shortly after Brae was born.) Braelynn just giggled at the sight of her as a newborn. I have been having so much fun being here with my family.

Tonight's ring is for Braelynn's Birthday! She turned 5 today, so there is a number 5 candle on the little cupcake. I love you Braelynn!

Materials: Paper, plastic, thread, marker, pen, adhesive
Dimensions: 3 x 2.25 x .75 inches

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