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Monday, August 8, 2011

RING No. 220

Early this morning Susanna, Braelynn, and I went to Grandy's to pick peanuts. There was already a crowd of people helping him. All in all there were 10 of us at one point out there under the giant oak tree. We laughed and talked about all sorts of things. Although it was hot out, there was a nice breeze and the shade was quite cool under the giant tree. After we picked for about 4 hours, Susanna, Brae and I went to meet cousin John for lunch. It was quite pleasant. I had a great time with the girls today and still am (at Susanna's for the night)....Just finished watching Rainbow Brite with Braelynn! The Old school vintage VHS tape! It was awesome!......Susanna got a bunch of stuff from the attic for me to make rings out of. I came upon some old body jewelry she used to wear (she has since ceased to wear the gauges and such)....Tonight's ring is made out of rubber and plastic body jewelry (Thanks Susanna!)and a rubber belt from a dissasembled printer. Thanks Sid! I think I will be using pieces from that printer for a long while!

Thanks for Reading! Goodnight!

Materials: Old body jewelry(Plastic and rubber), found rubber(from a printer)
Dimensions: 2.75 x 1.75 x .5 inches

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